Sexual opportunity isn't just luck. It's the result of evil smartness

You can have outrageously good sex, whatever your age.

Just know that a young woman's financial problems are your opportunity. Just an example.

I am a nihilist. I do not believe in morals whatsoever. They are all man-made. Nowadays, they are more woman-made.

I don't believe in good and bad, because there is no good and bad.

Oops, correction: there is good and bad sex.

My sex is better than that of the Playboy founder ever was. Low key.

Your sex can also be better than Hugh's.

Just keep in mind that not only is nihilism the only rational approach to morals. But constructivism is also the only reasonable view of reality.

Reality is what we make out of our perceptions and experiences, often socially coded in a rather stupid manner. Reality could be totally different if we were to make sense of our perceptions in a different manner.

So, join me for the reality of your dreams. It's much more practical than the previous paragraph.

My advice is evil. Your inclinations may be illegal in the world as it is. I tell you how they would work out in Asia. That is just information.

I will not personally bring you in contact with anybody. Anyway, if you have enough knowledge, you won't need it.

Here are a few topics I cover. Some are more evil than others.

Where in East or Southeast Asia do many older men, including foreigners, marry 15-year old schoolgirls?

In which Asian country to limit your stay for tax reasons?

Unofficial marriages to young women in Southeast Asia. No messy divorce.

Asian women don't mind age. But they don't like bald men (uncommon here) . Here the best address for the cheapest hair transplantation in Southeast Asia.

Websites showing Japanese child pornography (TOR browser).

Where in Southeast Asia Westerners can have great free sex, and your female mate may even pay for you.

Botox for men.

How to become a Muslim (with the idea of marrying a young girl)?

I am evil but not illegal. The purpose of my consultation is to give you an unfair advantage.

Why is schoolgirl prostitution common throughout East and Southeast Asia, and what are the differences between various countries?

Consultation on love and sex in Asia, 99 USD