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Optimal sexual relationships provides advice on how men of any age achieve an endless number of quality sexual relationships in Asia. The emphasis is on Asia, and on quality. The member section is for meaningful relationships with women of the highest sexual market value, such as love affairs of several months with college students. Prostitutes have a very low sexual market value anywhere in Asia. There is no advice on encounters with prostitutes in this publication. Furthermore, a formal marriage is too high a price for a wealthy men to pay for a sexual relationship. Thus, no advice is included on how to enter formal marriages. The advice is for relationships with young women with a limited sexual history, short of a formal marriage. A men should nevertheless be prepared to provide economic stability.

Any Western men, on a global scale, has a sexual market value that qualifies him for a Third World female partner not older than 30, and men in their forties can successfully court a woman between 18 and 20, without having to agree to a formal marriage.

Asia's potential for truly rewarding sexual relationships is enormous, provided one avoids places that have been ruined by mass tourism, commercial, and the presence of pseudo-intellectual missionary types who continue to regard all Asians as tribal folks who need to be protected from the evils of modern Western ideas.

Come-on! Asian adults don't have to be treated as immature children. And they are adult enough to engage in sexual relationships with foreigners if they so desire. It is the primary aim of member section to provide some guidelines to Western visitors on how to go about it in various countries. Honest and straight-forward recommendations are reserved for members.

Asia is a fantastic sexual playing ground… for locals and even more so for Western visitors. Just take note of what TIME magazine in 2001 wrote on the topic:

"A continent of 3 billion human beings is getting sexy and kicking the guilt. You can thank satellite television and globalization, and don't forget to say a sincere hosanna to the Internet… There is, it seems, a chat room for anything and everyone. Spouses seeking greater satisfaction, singles who don't want to wait until marriage…"

"TIME has done … a survey on Asian sexual behavior. Thais like to be spanked-some 37% of men surveyed and 34% of women. Singaporean women initiate sex more than other Asian women. Virgins are an endangered Asian species almost everywhere except the Philippines, where 78% of the men say they want to marry one."

"In mainland China …, Shanghai radio sexologist Chen Kai-his business card features a pop-up penis-recently gave on-air advice to a housewife who wanted to know if it was safe to pleasure herself with a frozen cucumber. (Chen's tip: thaw it first.)"

"In backwater Phnom Penh, the ankle-length sarong is starting to get shorter, and sex educators say some 50% of high school boys are having sex with girlfriends, often in fast-sheet hotels charging $1 an hour…"

"I first had sex when I was 20," recalls Jiraporn Thepitak, a sexually active single woman in Bangkok. "When I go back to my home village, I see that girls are already having sex when they are 15 and 16. Before, everyone used to think sex was very important. Now they think it's for fun."

"Asia's sexual revolution is being driven by images from the West … and liberating new phenomena such as Internet chat rooms…"

"In South Korea, which has a seriously severe side, 32-year-old cyberstud Andy trolls the chat rooms to make assignations with single and married women. His success rate: about one a week. (Never on weekends, though, because that's when he meets, and sleeps with, his girlfriend.)"

This much from TIME magazine.

The member section provides advice definite advice on successful strategies in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Memberships cost 100 US dollars and are valid lifelong.

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