Qualified (and classified) information on love and sex in East Asia and Southeast Asia

I have been in Asia and Southeast Asia for more than 30 years. I speak several local languages. I am fluent in spoken and written Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Laotian, as well as English and German. I have a more than basic understanding of Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Cambodian. I know this corner of the world.

I provide paid consultation on love and sex in East and Southeast Asia. And it's worthwhile. I am frank.

Free information on the topic won't get you very far. And what is published in various forums on each of the countries of Southeast Asia is pretty stupid, and a waste of time. And there are self-proclaimed experts who don't even speak the local language. It's outright ridiculous.

Here are a few of the topics I cover. Some are less controversial, but I always send all information to all subscribers, even if they first asked only for the best hair transplatation address.

Where in East or Southeast Asia do many older men, including foreigners, marry 15-year old schoolgirls?

In which Asian country to limit your stay for tax reasons?

Unofficial marriages to young women in Southeast Asia. No messy divorce.

Asian women don't mind age. But they don't like bald men (uncommon here) . Here the best address for the cheapest hair transplantation in Southeast Asia.

Websites showing Japanese child pornography (TOR browser).

Where in Southeast Asia Westerners can have great free sex, and your female mate may even pay for you.

Botox for men.

How to become a Muslim (with the idea of marrying a young girl)?

I am evil but not illegal. The purpose of my consultation is to give you an unfair advantage.

Why is schoolgirl prostitution common throughout East and Southeast Asia, and what are the differences between various countries?

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